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To Look Through Glass Darkly

Took the one less traveled by

☆ a e r y n n a ☆

gothic lolita

Aerynna Du Noir: an aspiring writer and a corporate goth by day. happily taken. appreciates writing, literature, art and photography. appreciate all forms of macabre and dark aesthetics.

LIKES: information technology. front-end web development. graphic and web design. fine art. art deco, art nouveau, postmodern, modern art. gothic art and architecture. punk, techno, synthpop, rock, and classic music. victorian era. gothic fashion. manga and anime. comic books and strips. cafes and coffeehouses. sketchbooks. red wine. twilight, sunsets and sunrises. drawing/sketching. reese's peanut butter cups. japanese, korean and greek cuisine. colors: silver, white, black, purple, crimson, hot pink, and magenta. black roses and black cats. fog and rain. winter scapes and autumn. paranormal, science fiction and fantasy genre. literature and reading. history and travel.

DISLIKES: smoking, war, bad driving, stress and anxiety, corruption, immaturity, mediocrity, holier than thou attitude, pet, domestic and child abuse, rudeness.

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